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just finished: lights out! dark in the library

Danielle has joined the cast of &theatre company's production of Lights Out! as Poppy the whimsical sister/niece of Binna who has recently come home from the big city after her business career bombed. 

As the heart of the family, Poppy is the voice of calm on this night where her and several others are stuck in a dark library that her mother oversees.

However, there seems to be something darker running through the community that  has nothing to do with the electricity going out. 

& theatre company


​One script is given to 5 directors.


Each cast consists of five actors who rehearse the play separate from the other casts.


At each performance one actor from each cast will perform in the show. 


Actors are kept isolated until the moment their characters walk on stage.


Meeting their new found cast mates for the first time.

past productions

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