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Danielle Ruth is a New York based actor originally from Austin, Texas. She has been singing and dancing from an early age and recently received her BA in Theatre & Dance from the University of Texas.


Golden age classics such as Oklahoma are among her top musicals, but she loves strange, new, and experimental theatre just as much. She believes that theatre should hold no boundaries and has the power to shake the foundation of society to propel us into a future where everyone has a spotlight. 

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Marcy - Dogfight

"notable performances are Danielle Ruth, who commands the stage as Marcy and delivers that killer duet in Act One" 

- Broadway World


John Adams - 1776

"As John Adams, Danielle Ruth takes command and never wavers in her leadership of the cast. She keeps the pacing tight and gives a heartfelt performance"

- Broadway World


Jane - Tarzan

"Ruth exemplifies qualities of a seasoned acting professional, impressively handling the staging and technical aspects of the show with ease...swinging with Tarzan himself, her control and humor do well to steal the show."

- Broadway World



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